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Summary | 11 Annotations
three overarching ideas apply to all our productivity tips:
2017/03/24 15:25
Try one tip to start, and keep adding more as you find the strategies that work best for you
2017/03/24 15:25
It's more important to move on than to dwell on your mistakes.
2017/03/24 15:26
If you're trying to do three things at once, you're often accomplishing very little.
2017/03/24 15:27
Your brain may delude itself into thinking that it has more capacity than it really does, but it's really working extra hard to handle multiple thoughts
2017/03/24 15:27
"Multitasking is not humanly possible," said Earl K. Miller, a neuroscience professor
2017/03/24 15:27
Work on just one screen: Put away your cellphone and turn off your second monitor.
2017/03/24 15:29
To-do lists work to keep you accountable
2017/03/24 15:29
To-do list downsides
2017/03/24 15:30
But humans are also vulnerable to so-called "structured procrastination," where in order to avoid working on a hard task
2017/03/24 15:31
Make an effort to seek out the people who can fill in your knowledge gaps, while being respectful of their time and responsibilities.
2017/03/24 15:32