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Go The Distance: Study Skills – Managing your time

1. Say goodbye to time management trouble

Welcome back to Study Skills – bringing you the skills and knowledge you need for successful study and better learning. This time we take a look at a feature of academic study that can be difficult to get right: managing your time effectively.

Do you wish you could study more effectively? Of course you do – but there are so many things that demand our attention. These can really damage any chance of studying effectively. Dealing with distractions – like phone calls from your friends and family – is just one thing we need to do. Scroll down to watch the video and pick up the tips to become a master at managing your time!

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Summary | 7 Annotations
ask yourself three questions: what your commitments are; what your study goals are; and how you work best.
2018/08/31 09:25
Calculate your time commitments outside of study
2018/08/31 09:30
Think about when and where you work best
2018/08/31 09:31
Try to do your most difficult tasks when your concentration is strongest
2018/08/31 09:31
Don't fall victim to procrastination
2018/08/31 09:31
study in short bursts.
2018/08/31 09:31
Reward yourself for working.
2018/08/31 09:31