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Summary | 6 Annotations
All three businessmen agree that the best investment anyone can make isn't on a stock, bond or other financial asset: Invest in yourself
2017/06/16 01:36
You empower yourself financially, you empower yourself emotionally, spiritually, and then you can empower everybody else around you
2017/06/16 01:37
Both Buffett and Robbins can pinpoint specific points in their lives when investing in themselves paid off.
2017/06/16 01:38
Buffet was terrified of public speaking
2017/06/16 01:38
Buffett went to the University of Omaha and, to fully overcome the phobia
2017/06/16 01:38
There's no financial investment that'll ever match it, because if you develop more skill, more ability, more insight, more capacity, that's what's going to really provide economic freedom.
2017/06/16 01:40