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Summary | 8 Annotations
For comparison, nearly half of the population lives under the poverty line. The wealth gap has widened in recent years
2016/12/09 02:08
photographer Johnny Miller set out to capture Mexico City's inequality from above. The images, taken by a consumer drone
2016/12/09 02:08
Mexico's capital city is one of the most unequal cities in the world.
2016/12/09 02:09
Economic and political power are concentrated among the extremely rich. In fact, the wealthiest 1% of the Mexican population earns 21% of the nation's total income
2016/12/09 02:10
the world's fourth richest person, calls Mexico City home. His telecommunications company, Telcel, controlled 70% of Mexico's wireless market in 2014
2016/12/09 02:10
Here, a low-income neighborhood sits adjacent to private school grounds. "I think it's very clear, looking at that dirt soccer pitch, which side is the more affluent side," Miller says
2016/12/09 02:11
Santa Fe, Mexico City
2016/12/09 02:13
Iztapalapa, Mexico City
2016/12/09 02:13