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Summary | 4 Annotations
the fact they’re supporting a lighter car give an effective increase in spring rate, and there’s a big shift in damper rates, with a 25% rebound increase up front and 20% increase in compression out back
2016/11/02 10:14
The Sport 410’s weighty, tactile manual shift is leagues more precise than the vague operation of those in the first Evoras.
2016/11/02 10:14
Lots of carbon, with a herringbone weave that’s gorgeous on the eye
2016/11/02 10:14
Top speed is 190mph in the long-legged manual, or 177mph in the shorter-geared auto. The manual does 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds, and the auto shaves a tenth from that.
2016/11/02 10:15