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胡漢忠助理教授 Hu-Han Chung, MD

胡漢忠助理教授 Hu-Han Chung, MD



E-Mail: h3226@adm.cgmh.org.tw




長庚大學呼吸治療學系 專任助理教授








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2.   Han-Chung Hu, Ting-Ya Wang, Yung-Che Chen, Chin-Chou Wang, Meng-Chih Lin*. RNA Interference Inhibits High Mobility Group 1 by Lipopolysaccharide-Activated Murine Macrophage RAW 264.7 Secretion.  Journal of Surgical Research  2011;168(2): e181-7 (SCI;IF:2.247;Surgery 51/199)

3.   Ching-Yang Wu*, Han-Chung Hu, Po-Jen Ko, Jui-Ying Fu, Ching-Feng Wu, Yun-Hen Liu, Hao-Jui Li, Chong-Chi Kao, Kuo-Chin Kao, Shang-Yueh Yu, Chee-Jen Chang, Hong-Chang Hsieh.  Risk Factors and Possible Mechanisms of Superior Vena Cava Intravenous Port Malfunction. Annals of Surgery (Co-first author) Ann Surg. 2012 May;255(5):971-5 (SCI;IF:7.492;Surgery: 1/199)

4.   Chung-Chi Huang, Jui-Ying Fu, Han-Chung Hu, Kuo-Chin Kao, Ning-Hung Chen, Meng-Jer Hsieh, Ying-Huang Tsai*. Prediction of Fluid Responsiveness in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Patients Ventilated with Low Tidal Volume and High Positive End-Expiratory Pressure. Critical Care Medicine  2008;38:2810-6 (SCI:IF:6.330;Critical care medicine 2/26)

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10.Chen-Yiu Hung, Kuo-Chin Kao, Po-Nan Wang, Han-Chung Hu, Meng-Jer Hsieh, Jui-Ying Fu, Chih-Hao Chang, Li-Fu Li, Chung-Chi Huang, Ying-Huang Tsai, Cheng-Ta Yang*.  Invasive fungal infection among hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients with mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit. BMC Infec Dis 2012;12:44 (SCI;IF:2.825;Infectious disease 27/58)

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