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Schedule your time according to what will make you happy in the future

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Summary | 5 Annotations
according to Laura Vanderkam, a time-management expert and the author of "Off the Clock: How to Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done.
2018/05/30 09:40
there are three selves to every individual: anticipating, experiencing, and remembering.
2018/05/30 09:40
The key to managing your time well (i.e. actually reading those physics books) is to ask yourself: Did my anticipating self want to do this? If so, do it
2018/05/30 09:40
framework is an extension of an argument made by Nobel Prize-winning psychologist (and pioneering behavioral economist) Daniel Kahneman.
2018/05/30 09:40
Kahneman argues that everyone is made up of two selves: experiencing, who lives in the moment, and remembering, who lives in the past.
2018/05/30 09:40