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Summary | 6 Annotations
Taking the valonqar theory one step further, fans think Arya will use her skills as No One to travel to King’s Landing and kill Jaime Lannister.
2017/08/29 09:39
a recent interview with "Beyond the Wall" director Alan Taylor hinted that one of the Stark sisters is going to die soon, making the theory that much more plausible for one of them.
2017/08/29 09:44
. It argues that Jon Snow will have to sacrifice Daenerys to become the Prince Who Was Promised and defeat the White Walkers for good.
2017/08/29 09:45
in order to redeem himself, Theon will need to travel to the halls of the Drowned God. There, the Drowned God will transform Theon—who has been stripped of his pride and strength—into a fearless sea warrior, giving him a new role to play in the battle for the throne and the fight against the White Walkers.
2017/08/29 09:46
many fans take this as open to interpretation and support the theory that Viserion's death will pay for the life of a new child.
2017/08/29 09:48
If he and Daenerys were to have a baby, it would be the product of ice (Jon) and fire (Daenerys)—possibly shedding a new light on the theory of the Prince Who Was Promised.
2017/08/29 09:49