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Inside Boston Consulting Group's office

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Summary | 11 Annotations
When the New York-based staff of The Boston Consulting Group decided to leave the midtown office that had been their home since 2002, they knew they wanted to create a more comfortable, welcoming space.
2017/06/16 10:06
how you could deliberately design an office to maximize the number of collisions [between people],
2017/06/16 10:08
located on the west side of Manhattan in Hudson Yards
2017/06/16 10:08
Guests and clients will find a concierge desk and greeter when they arrive to the BCG office.
2017/06/16 10:09
If seating isn't available in this main common space, employees can venture up the stairs and pick another comfortable spot to meet casually.
2017/06/16 10:10
Each floor has its own kitchen and dining table
2017/06/16 10:10
The baristas from Joe Coffee teach classes on how to make the perfect latte.
2017/06/16 10:10
All of these communal spaces contribute to the idea of collision between coworkers.
2017/06/16 10:11
BCG offers convertible sit-to-standing desks
2017/06/16 10:11
can also book an elliptical room and work out.
2017/06/16 10:13
showers are available on the premises
2017/06/16 10:13