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Summary | 5 Annotations
2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than deployed service members
2018/07/19 01:01
: Twice as many students have been killed in school shootings as have members of the military who were on deployment
2018/07/19 01:02
“The DoD doesn’t always present a clear picture of accidental mishap-related deaths due to worries about operational security, hence the trouble with [Public Affairs Office] releases
2018/07/19 01:02
On Monday, researcher Zachary Austin sent a more complete set of data about military casualties. Having realized that the Defense Department numbers were incomplete, he began tracking military fatalities separately,
2018/07/19 01:03
Comparing all fatalities in school shootings with all military deaths, the latter is higher, contrary to the original headline of this article. In both cases, those totals have been boosted by mass casualty events. In the case of the military, 20 of the fatalities occurred in just three aircraft crashes
2018/07/19 01:03