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He Was Loved

A new star had just begun burning.....

On the trip home they wondered if Silver might wanna brother. “ he doesn’t want to be an only child.” Said the mum. As they both take a closer look at the baby they notice one detail that they can’t shake. Purple eyes not blue or green, purple. “ well he’s our beautiful baby no matter what.” Stated the dad. Staring into what looks like two infinite occasions on their sons face. He walks over to the radio and puts on Rock-a bye-baby. Silver drifts off to sleep. Pat Pat, Mum puts a hand behind his little head.

One year later his brother is born his name David. David Katmaz and Silver Katmaz. The two princes of bel air you could say. Unlike his brother however he had only one purple eye on his right side and a red one on his left. They grew up together in the wealthy section of Atlanta, Georgia. In a mansion with a huge backyard and a total living space of twelve thousand, square feet. Dad had ownership of four, different companies and they combined gave him a salary of twenty five million, a year. Plus a total net worth of seventy million, dollars. So they weren’t poor by any means. They played at the beach a lot as well. Then one day they moved to Washington DC to start school. when Silver was in first grade his final brother was born Corey, Corey Katmaz.

In second grade Silver was walking around by the playground and all of a sudden, crash, he was struck by lightning. Out of nowhere it wasn’t even storming. The teacher panicked runs over to him and takes him to the hospital. Even though he says he’s fine. But in the car the teacher asks him once more “do you feel ok.” At this he looked her in the eyes and for the slightest moment she saw a glint of pure darkness. Silver says “ you think we’re invincible that there’s nothing that can take you down but nothing is your greatest challenge nothing kills.” The teacher stares at him wonderingly. “ what did you see?” She stated. “ I saw nothing.” For a split second she could swear she saw two black wing like appendages growing from his back. Though it was pretty hallucination. Before taking him in she wrote it down on a note in her phone.

The Note

“There’s something wrong with this freakin kid something must of been damaged cause he’s saying he saw something that no seven year old should have to see. He told me he saw nothing but that same nothing is going to be the end of us. Humanity life the universe. I don’t know but I’m sending someone else to take him back.”

Silver was playing on the blacktop with some kids and they started gathering up kids for a race from one side to the other. Silver lines up. As soon as the girl at the end said go, Woosh, Boom, the area where he once stood is in flames, as well as little footprints In the asphalt. Then almost a minute later a deafening boom starts to erupt. No one was seriously hurt but eardrums were bleeding. Leaving a ring in their heads, for multiple days on end

By the end of second grade Silver had a group of kids with other abilities similar to his but far less powerful. Macy, John, Alex and Noah. These people each had their own colored high-tech suit. Silvers was silver. Macy was red. John was blue. Alex was green and Noah was orange. Silver used an ability of his to make a little Starcraft for them. It was wonderful, they were all having fun training together and getting stronger but one day. Silver would learn the difference between him and them they were being driven to Silver’s place when they had a head on collision. With a larger vehicle. Silver was sitting in the back and all of a sudden. Crash, Crumple! Everyone was flying around the cabin and heads were coming off people died everyone died. Silver was so shocked that, he didn’t feel anything. He wasn’t even the slightest bit sad he just looked disappointed. He went to each of their funerals at age 9 and said some words for each one of them.

One day his family was promised a vacation to a place similar to Nightronios, known as Darkness-B. They said sure Silver was excited because it meant he got to miss a lot of school. He packed his stuff. He was ready to go. They had arranged for a self driving Rolls Royce to pick them up it was gonna be awesome. The thing turned up an hour past noon and it was weird it had this thing to put the suitcases in like a bus. But then the sides opened for you to step in and sit down on a leather couch. Than You’re driven along to your destination. Which for them was the airport. They rode along and got dropped off directly on the base. From there they took an AE-5 cruiser to the planet.

They got to the hotel room and finally went to bed. They woke up and decided to go see the tourist attractions. A week later they were going home but they had to different tickets. So Silver had to go on a different ship. They both took off at about the same time.

Silver watched in pure anguish as his family’s ship went through an asteroid belt, and got blown to fucking bits. His knees got heavy when he saw his brothers decapitated head fly into the window. Then he started singing.

It seemed very strange since he never actually expressed any interest in most songs. It started with faint humming that slowly went into words “Hmmmm hmmmm hmm hmmmm, hmmmm hmmmm hmm hmmmm, There was a boy a very strange enchanted boy.

They say he wandered very far Very far over land and sea.

A little shy and sad of eye But very wise, was he

And then one day. One magic day he passed my way

While we spoke of many things. Fools and kings

This he said to me. The greatest thing

You'll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved

In return…” whilst tears ran down his face, “give them back there mine you can’t take them from me there mine… I want them there mine.” All the while having no idea of how much worse it could get.

Lyrics by: David Bowie

Silver couldn’t speak for almost a year after that. And his first words were only. A quiet “I loved you.” After a while he eventually told himself that he was fine and that somehow, somewhere they were alive and well. But he couldn’t get there… ever.

“Sometimes we don’t win and it’s not okay because instead of getting nothing you lose something valueless, something that can’t be replaced and when. All hope seems lost. Oh who am I fucking kidding when all hope is lost you have nothing. If I could go to the person told my mum this would be a fun trip. I WOULD F*CKING END YOU!” He said ending with a bitter note of pure rage. “I’m sorry you can’t pin this on me I thought you guys would have some fun liten up is not all about you kid,” a man from the front row of guests stated. Silver inturn did exactly what he said he’d do. He lunged at the man holding nothing back. He rips at the poor dudes face until there's nothing left but a bloodied skull with the brain lopping towards the left eye socket. Then he was pulled off the podium and sedated, this is why he doesn’t remember his words before his 11th birthday.

Silver inherited a little more than he thought he would get. 160 trillion USD to be perfectly honest. He has no idea how but yeah he’s beyond rich. He just got some stuff in his banking. As well as a randomly unexpected Black express card.

He then met a strange girl who seemed nice but had something evil that lay dormant for a millenia. One day Silver and Shushanna went on a day out. She got mad like inferno. Silver didn’t know what to say, but before he could say anything he was sent through a nearby city. Hitting his way through walls of glass brick and steel. He walks up and snaps his fingers. The next thing he knows he is a mile in the air. His whole body as well as his clothes are glowing neon yellow. He looks down to see a giant blue thing with the girl nowhere in sight. He in turn does something called “ Combine Lock.” Where three golden hexagonal structures come down from above. “die wading nol” Said Silver as the things tighten until.... Click, the creature is no more.

Three days later he had to kill another but it was easier because of the first time.

The Mansion Era....

Silver was now twelve, he had signed up and funded a project where. He along with a group of inter dimensional creatures. It’s all set up now and he has a few guests.

December 18th, 2017, Silver was being taken straight to the ship in a Mercedes luxury van. He stopped in Baltimore on the way to get some Potbelly’s. He ate but then he had just this raw instinct to go check something around the corner from the building. He saw a chubby black cat but something was off the little guy was on fire but seemed unaffected. Silver walked over and the thing just jumps onto his shoulders crying and nipping at the tip of his shirt. Silver tries to get the little guy off him. Then the thing bursts into flames but they aren’t burning him it felt more like a kind warmth then a fire ,no use. He decides to take him, because he would feel really bad if he didn’t. They get in the van and get to the airport with time to spare.

They got on the ship. It was nice it had a cool place to sit and a bedroom with quite a few beds. He met the others on the ship after the ennisal take off. There is, Onon, Aluma most of the others were on a different ship. “ So we have this whole thing to ourselves huh.” said Silver. “Yeah for 190 days” repleid Onon. “ We got a lot of time to get to know each other then” said Aluma. Though Silver had met them once before he silently nodded. After that they all talked for a while and went for dinner. Silver got a shepherds pie. The others saw what he had changed their orders almost instantly. Aluma said “ what's that I want one.” Silver looks at the cat. “ Oh, what's your name little fella want some food here's the menu.” “ Milazha, Milazha Greenwood '' replied the cat.

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