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Race to the sky: Does London have tall tower addiction?

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Summary | 5 Annotations
the founder of the Skyline Campaign, a pressure group of experts that argues that "the skyline of London is out of control
2016/09/12 10:25
Billed as a "vertical city", the Shard is home to the UK headquarters of Tiffany & Co, upmarket restaurants such as Aqua Shard and Oblix, as well as 10 exclusive apartments.
2016/09/12 10:26
Building up doesn't increase density, actually it offers lower density, but a more attractive investment.
2016/09/12 10:27
when we lose open green belt land ... we lose land that has its own identity and plays its own role in England's heritage
2016/09/12 10:28
The Shard and the Gherkin -- an unpopular building when proposed -- now regularly top polls as Londoners' favorite buildings.
2016/09/12 10:30