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Summary | 9 Annotations
Early on Feb. 19, Brian C. Vigneault was nearing the end of a 24-hour marathon of live streaming himself playing the tank warfare video game
2017/03/16 04:45
Mr. Vigneault, 35, had streamed for 22 hours straight to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Two of his friends said that he often broadcast his game playing for long periods
2017/03/16 04:46
Mr. Vigneault’s death followed reports of other players dying during or after lengthy gaming sessions in Taiwan and South Korea, intensifying a discussion about the health risks of a streaming culture
2017/03/16 04:47
The activity has taken center stage on sites like YouTube and Twitch, which has nearly 10 million daily visitors.
2017/03/16 04:47
The resulting lifestyle is often unhealthy, requiring long sedentary periods with little sleep. Some gamers are fueled by junk food, caffeine and alcohol.
2017/03/16 04:48
Twitch’s community guidelines bar destructive behavior, without directly addressing what some perceive as excessively long periods of playing
2017/03/16 04:48
Ben Bowman, 30, a professional Twitch streamer with more than 579,000 followers, published an article on the video game website Polygon in January about the pressure to stream constantly, which he said in an interview could lead to exhaustion, high cholesterol and heart problems
2017/03/16 04:48
“There was a point in my streaming where I lost a lot of my viewers because I wasn’t binge eating and binge drinking — they like to see the extreme stuff,” Mr. Garcia said. “But my core viewers stuck around, and for them, it was amazin
2017/03/16 04:49
He said that his workouts draw the same number of viewers as when he plays a game other than World of Warcraft,
2017/03/16 04:50