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Summary | 5 Annotations
This week’s publication of the Vault 7 files from WikiLeaks—which reminded everyone that if the CIA owns your whole device, it can even read your Signal texts
2017/03/10 19:11
Teen Vogue is covering wiretapping; Vanity Fair is reporting on the travel ban. Editorial boards, such as the one at The Philadelphia Inquirer that recently compared Donald Trump to a dictator, should probably also batten down the hatches.
2017/03/10 19:12
Journalists who do use encrypted privacy tools often face an uphill battle from editors
2017/03/10 19:12
Google recently warned individual reporters at CNN, The New York Times, and The Atlantic, including some who cover the President, that a state actor is attempting to hack their email.
2017/03/10 19:13
Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, a source for New York Times reporter James Risen, is currently serving a three-year jail sentence for espionage. Emails and phone records between the two were used to build the case against Sterling.
2017/03/10 19:13