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Summary | 12 Annotations
n value sine lookup table using a ROM initialized
2018/12/24 08:20
most SRAMs in modern technologies (FPGA, ASIC) tend to no longer support combinational (asynchronous) reads
2018/12/24 08:22
Ports into Mems are created by applying a UInt index
2018/12/24 08:23
2018/12/24 08:23
one write port
2018/12/24 08:23
sequential/synchronous read port
2018/12/24 08:23
// Create one write port and one read port.
2018/12/24 08:26
mem.write(addr, dataIn)
2018/12/24 08:27
dataOut := mem.read(addr, enable)
2018/12/24 08:27
Chisel will infer masks if the data type of the memory is a vector
2018/12/24 08:27
2018/12/24 08:28
val mask = Wire(Vec(4, Bool()))
2018/12/24 08:29