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Summary | 6 Annotations
This farm grows bikes, by the looks of it. Hundreds of blue and mint-green bicycles stand in rows on this field in Wangqingtuo, the small community that calls itself “bicycle town
2019/04/30 01:02
2019/04/30 01:05
2019/04/30 01:05
Bike-sharing swept through Chinese cities over three short years, giving millions of commuters a way to get from the subway stop to the office. Today there are more than 23 million of these bikes on the streets of major Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai,
2019/04/30 01:06
2019/04/30 01:06
Today, parts of Wangqingtuo look like a ghost town. Many factories are locked tight, and the signs that once showed their names and specialties have been removed.
2019/04/30 01:07