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Summary | 7 Annotations
A scheme for GPs to recommend books for mental health and wellbeing is extending its reach to younger readers.
2020/02/07 15:37
Mum’s Jumper is one of 33 books chosen by health professionals,
2020/02/07 15:37
Aimed at children between seven and 11
2020/02/07 15:37
I don’t think books replace formal counselling and help, but they can empower and help family conversations,”
2020/02/07 15:38
that Up and Down Mum, one of the titles selected for the new list, would be useful for joint reading. “Children with unwell parents often feel very sad and guilty and worry the problem is because they themselves have done something wrong. I think books can be starting points for things that are difficult to discuss
2020/02/07 15:38
For Michael Rosen, whose Sad Book, illustrated by Quentin Blake, is included on the list, the initiative is “harnessing the power of reading to help tackle the crisis facing children’s mental health
2020/02/07 15:39
A practical handbook for children aged nine and over who suffer from anxiety. Huebner makes the science behind panic and worry relatable and provides coaching in techniques derived from CBT and acceptance and commitment therapy
2020/02/07 15:40