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Lesson Ideas

Water Cycle

The water cycle describes the movement of water on, above, and below the surface of the Earth. In this movie, you'll learn about different parts of the cycle, including evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Precipitation is water that falls from the sky, such as snow, rain, sleet, and hail. You'll learn how water from precipitation adds to groundwater and creates runoff into our streams, lakes, and oceans. You'll find out why you should conserve water, an important natural resource.

Water Cycle Lesson Plan: Understanding Parts of the Water Cycle

In this lesson plan, adaptable for grades K-3, students use BrainPOP Jr. resources to explore the water cycle, specifically the concepts of precipitation, evaporation, and condensation.    See more »

Water Cycle Lesson Plan: Create Your Own Water Cycle

In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 2-6, student use BrainPOP and/or BrainPOP Jr. resources to explore the water cycle. Students will use hands-on materials to create and observe their own water cycles. This lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards.  See more »

Water Cycle Background Information for Teachers and Parents

This page contains information to support educators and families in teaching K-3 students about the water cycle. The information is designed to complement the BrainPOP Jr. movie Water Cycle. It explains the type of content covered in the movie, provides ideas for how teachers and parents can develop related understandings, and suggests how other BrainPOP Jr. resources can be used to scaffold and extend student learning. See more »

Water Cycle Activities for Kids

In this set of activities adaptable for grades K-3, parents and educators will find ideas for teaching about the water cycle.These activities are designed to complement the BrainPOP Jr. Water Cycle topic page, which includes a movie, quizzes, online games, printable activities, and more.  See more »
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